Idea Haryana ISD Plans Prepaid

    1128 days0Nepal @12p/Sec US/Canada/China @ 2p/Sec Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong/Germany @ 5p/Sec Bangladesh @ 8p/Sec Australia @ 9p/Sec UK/ Pakistan/Saudi Arabia/Kuwait @ 12p/Sec UAE @ 15p/Sec
    78690 days0Unlimited Local/National/Roaming Calls | 1.4 GB/Day Internet | 100 SMS/Day | For Non-Commercial Use only, read Commercial Usage Policy for details in Additional Notes below;Free roaming benefit can be availed in National roaming only on Idea Network | Free ISD Calling on selected countries; Bahrain/Oman/Saudi Arabia @Rs 7.99/Min Bangladesh @Rs 1.99/Min Great Britain/USA @Rs 0.99/Min Kuwait at Rs 4.99/Min Nepal @Rs 12/Min Qatar @Rs 10.99/Min United Arab Emirates @Rs 8.99/Min | Promotional offer is live from 18th May till 31st July 2018

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